Legitimate to some, frauds to a growing many and social outcasts to everyone but themselves, the team at G&B Monster Agency, a low rent monster hunting business, are what you might call a dysfunctional “family”.

The team of misfits is lead by Go, a cynical glory hound, who has used his grandiose tales of monster slaying to gain international fame and a tiny, tiny fortune. Helping him in his quest is the trustworthy powerhouse Emmett “Voice-Box” Rhodes, Go’s partner, and consummate silent sidekick. The youngest member of the team is the tech-geek Piper, a twenty-year-old idealistic University intern. She was Go’s biggest fan…until she started working for him.

Although filled with constant bickering, G&B Monster Agency runs like a well-oiled machine.   Positions are understood and Go’s leadership is almost always filtered by Voice-Box and questioned by Piper.  It’s clockwork, childish and bizarre clockwork, but clockwork none-the-less.  Monsters get killed, and the limited amount of cheques keep rolling in.  But when Luke, a 25-year-old orphan joins the trio’s ranks in hopes of avenging his monster-murdered father, the team’s chemistry is quickly thrown out of whack, their faltering creditability takes a steep nose-dive and Go’s ego seems to get chipped by Luke’s eager “young blood” mentality.

On top of Luke’s forced recruitment and the seemingly endless hordes of various monsters, the team must also deal with Police Chief Frank Sargeant, a man hell bent on discrediting the team and having them exiled from their home town of Bith County.

Despite the team’s incessant bad luck, they continue to move forward, saving the world one monster at a time, until the secrets of each character’s past is revealed and G&B’s light-hearted bond is gradually pulled thin.

Yet, in the face of their personal predicaments and the perpetually growing monster crisis, Go, Voice-Box, Piper and Luke are always the ones willing to answer the call, and in a world this strange, they may be our only hope for survival. God help us.

I Kill Monsters is ultimately the comical underdog story of four social outcasts who have finally found their place in the world, as unconventional as that place may be.

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